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Whether you are an aspiring politician or a veteran during your 12th campaign, you need a print shop that is looking out for you and your bottom line.  Our Political Campaign Packages are the easiest way to maximize your budget while getting the best products for your campaign.  Created with high quality inks and materials, you can start with Political yard signs, Metal Stakes, Bumper Stickers, and Vehicle Magnets.  Then, you can add Campaign Road Signs, T-shirts, or lapel stickers.  The options are endless and the finished price is always lower than the list price for all the products.  It is a win-win situation as you get a personally tailored package and save money at the same time.  We can do all this with our professionally created custom designs or with your own supplied design.

Creating a political campaign package couldn't be simpler.  We have many standard packages that includes either 2 color or full color yard signs.  Some packages include bumper stickers, magnets, and lapel stickers.  Each item can be custom designed to fit the campaign and create a uniformed message throughout.  Some of our packages offer FREE shipping and FREE metal stakes.  We understand that not all campaigns are the same, so by offering flexibility, we can give you that edge you need to succeed. 

The Political Campaign Packages offer variety and flexibility that you won't find anywhere else.

However, sometimes you need that special product to put your campaign over the top.  This is why we offer add-on products to any Campaign package.  Adding Full color banners for campaign rallies and events is an effective way to gain attention and keep it.  Those can be added to your packages for lower than list price.  How about a presence on the fast moving roads and freeways?  We offer large Political Road Signs as an add-on for packages.  A strong promotional tool, Road Signs can effectively reach thousands of potential supporters in a given day.  These two products are the tip of the iceberg as we offer many other products that can be added to our Political Campaign Packages.

Looking to make an impact should be a key for your political campaign.  By using one of our Political Campaign Packages, you can have uniformity and a strong presence that can't be achieved by purchasing items piecemeal.  Also, you only need to deal with one print shop.  From Yard Signs, Banners, Street Signs, T-shirts,and Magnets, there is no need to look around for each individual item.  When you have a clear message and you promote it clearly, then your supporters will show their enthusiasm in return.  We want to give you the ability to promote your message, but not by wasting your budget.  We want to maximize your budget with one of our Political Campaign Packages.