Not sure if your picture is high enough resolution?
Email or upload us the photo, the size you desire, and your email addresses, name and number. We’ll have a Photoshop and print wizard(ess) check it out for free.
More info is AVAILABLE in our FAQ’s at the bottom of the page.
Our everyday price includes shipping within 3 days of your proof approval. Expedited service is available. Please call with your needs. We work miracles daily.
Ground UPS shipping is included up to a 6’x30” stand-up, or $15. If you need a special size that costs more to ship, say $21, you simply pay the difference.
You don’t have to spend a penny more to get a fun & fantastic cutout, but here’s some additional AVAILABLE EXTRAS.
Laminate entire cutout for extra gloss and extra long life: $35.
Speech Bubble with or without text: $16
Dry Erase on a speech bubble: $28 (both included)
Extra Design time: $1/minute. 15 free minutes included.
Face Cut-out: $0; JUST TELL US
7’ Cutout
Includes Everything 6’ has; Up to 7’ tall by32’ wide
8’ Giant
Includes Everything 6’ has; Up to 8’ tall by 4’ wide
10’ Giant
Custom Quoted
Call and discuss. Reinforcement details must be discussed. Up to 10’ tall by 5’ wide in one piece.
Design and Artwork
Good Guys Signs employees talented designers. We gladly offer you 15 minutes of free layout and design work. Complex projects will take longer than 15 minutes. We will bill extra time at $1 per minute, and work as quickly as possible. Nothing prints until you have approved the final proof. It is best not to check the proof on a small phone screen.
Turn Around Time
Good Guys Signs prides ourselves on being fast. We will print and ship your cutout within 3 business days of your proof approval. Expedited service is available for a small fee. Call for details.
6’ and smaller Cutouts come fully assembled. Unfold the cutout, pop out the stand, and brace the stand with the locking tab. There is a velcro attachment at the top of the stand, so your sign can be re-folded and used over and over. Any cutout which exceedes a finished size which is over 36 inches tall as well as 30 inches wide will also have to be folded to keep shipping costs low. Please let us know if you do not want a stand, or do not desire the stand to be pre-attached (for wall usage or similar)
We print on durable, lightweight 4mm corrugated plastic. This is a product that can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be washed with light pressure with a mild soapy water solution. Storing Cutouts. Fold your cut out for transportation only. Damage can occur to the folded area with prolonged storage of your cutout in the folded postion.
Dimensions of your Cutout
The maximum affordable dimensions (for low shipping prices) are achieved by keeping the total size of your cut out inside a 30” x 8’ area. If you want something enormous, we can print and shape your cutout up to 5’ x 10’ in one continuous piece. Something this large will be like a sail in the wind outdoors. Huge cutouts are not recommended for outdoor use without serious planning. Large indoor cutouts will need extra reinforcement, and can be custom quoted. Call in and we will discuss the use, so we can craft an affordable solution that fits your needs.
What type of files do we accept?
We accept just about any format, including .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .eps, and .ai (any version) in either RGB or CMYK color mode. If your artwork contains text, please make sure all text is converted to outlines to avoid font issues. You can also send files up to 25 megabits to Alternately, you can upload huge files to our hightail upload url,
Photo Quality
We print in high definition. The better the quality of picture you send, the more life-like the cutout will be. The picture is ideally 100 dpi at full size. If you are taking the picture on a digital camera, take the photo on the highest setting possible. Pictures taken on modern phones can work too. When you download the photo from your phone, you need to download it at Full size, which is the largest resolution of the photo. We are happy to review your photograph before you order. We can tell if it will look great (or not) printed, or how much time (cost) it would be to get the darker area’s lightened, or make adjustments that you desire. If you want us to take a free look, please send the details and concerns in with the file, along with your email address so we can respond.
Do you charge for more than one person in your project?
We do not charge more for more people. Shipping charges could go up if the width of your cutout exceeds 30 inches. You have up to 48 inches in width, so the more the merrier. Please note: We offer 15 minutes of free design and set up. If you are sending a complex project that requires more than 15 minutes to cutout, fix art issues, add text, etc, there will be an additional charge for the art time.
How do I pay?
You can call in with any major credit card, or, alternately, use our secure paypal sponsored web page and pay with any major credit card. /us/payments.html Alternately, you can visit us in Tampa and pay with cash, check or major credit card.
Can my order be canceled?
You can cancel your order before item is printed. Once printing is complete, cutouts cannot be cancelled. If we have done custom artwork for you, there will be a charge for the artwork.
What If My Item Does Not Arrive As Scheduled?
We ship all items via FedEx or UPS. Both companies are dependable, but occassionally miss their expected arrival times by a day or even two. Weather issues, National Emergencies, Natural Disasters, and other things can cause delays. These issues are outside our control, and no claims can be made. Should your package arrive late due to shipping carrier error, we will file a claim on your behalf. Any monies returned to us will be sent to you.
What if my item arrives damaged?
It is rare that items arrive damaged beyond use, as we pack professionally and carefully. Should this happen, the item will be reprinted and shipped to you. We will require a picture of the damaged box to pursue this remedy.
Shipping Outside the United States.
We ship to the United States and Canada. Contact us for rates outside these areas. $15 Standard Ground Shipping Our Free shipping offer is for the continental United States only. It is for packages that can be folded into dimensions 36” x 30”. Larger sizes will cost more.