Good Guys Signs prints custom foamboard signs for less. With our large flatbed printer, we print directly to the foamboard, saving you money and speeding up the turn around time.

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Foamboard signs are also known as foamcore signs, or simply foam signs. Most foamboard signs are printed on 3/16” thick foamboard. Some customers do desire a thicker material, which is generally 1/2” thick foamboard.

If you are looking for foamboard signs that need to be shipped, and are worried about handling, Ultra Board is the best choice. Ultra board has a plastic coating on both sides of it’s interior foam, giving it water resistance and pressure resistance.

For longer term display, we recommend rynoboard TM, a heavy duty foamboard sign product. This is similar to the popular Gatorboard TM foam product.

Businesses use foamboard signs because they are inexpensive and easy to handle. Your foam sign can be easily hung on a wall with double-sided tape, Velcro, suction cups, or extremely lightweight picture holders.

One popular use for foamboard signs is at conventions. You will see foam signage in front of the breakout rooms as event signage, and even in corridors to direct traffic.

Foamboard signs are digitally printed, full color being no extra charge.

Foamboard signs can be laminated to enable handling them. A matte over-laminate on your foamboard signs eliminates the glare o f interior fluorescent lighting.

If you do not already have a design for your foamboard signs, our talented designers are ready to help. We have experience designing foamboard signs, and can deliver you an effective look at a great price. Whatever your foam sign needs, Good Guys Signs can deliver.