Union Printing

The formation and organization of unions has helped to better the lives of workers in American by ensuring they have the voice to demand better wages and working conditions. This organization of workers has united to achieve common goals such as:
  • Protecting the integrity and quality of
  • Achieving higher pay and benefits
  • Safety standards
  • Better working conditions
By using a Union Printing Company and having the Union Label added to your print material, you are showing your support for workers’ rights to organize. Showing support for Union Printers shows that your company or organization stands behind the idea of improved and fair working conditions for the labor force of America.
Workers who are paid fairly help support the economy rather than deplete it. Unionized workers understand the importance of local economy and small business, and typically take pride in products American made.
Who uses a Union Printing Company?
Political organizations use Union Printing Companies to show their allegiance to the American work force and their desire for equality between employees and employers. Many government agencies, college or universities, other labor unions, and insurance/benefit plans who cater to labor unions mark their print materials and show association with the union organizations. Anyone who wants to show that they support labor unions and the local workforce may request the use of the union bug on their print.
Can any company print the union bug label?
No. Only companies registered with a union label license agreement have authorization to print union labels, and each company has a specifically numbered “union bug” assigned to them.