Campaign Design Templates & Elements

Need a little help getting started? We have a great selection of political design elements. Simply pick some design elements you like and we will do the rest, free of charge. It’s that simple. Any of these elements can be used in designing yard signs, banners, bumper stickers, and more. At Good Guys Signs, we provide high quality campaign signage at low, low prices.

1 Color Template Examples

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Solid Fills


When running for political office, one of the scariest things in the world is a blank piece of paper. What should my look be? What colors? How do I stand out from a crowded political field? How do I affordably show I am different? If you are struggling with these questions, we can help. We have some standard templates to help you choose a direction. Alternately, a suggestion is to go to google images, and choose political signs, or campaign signs, in the search tool. You can save copies of images you like, and email them to us. We can then understand the aesthetic that catches your eye, the fonts and design elements that appeal to you. You might not know the terminology, but if you show us a picture with a bevel and inner shadow, we will know how to bring that political look to life for you.

We can adjust any of our templates to you, use those political templates as a base to make something custom, or start from scratch. If you desire a custom logo, though not a free service, we have talented designers who can help you achieve a modern, classic look at a great price. We do not charge to lay out your campaign signs.

We also have hundreds of elements that are frequently used in campaign signage. You can use any of them in your signs, or have something adjusted or made just for you. Remember, when designing campaign signs, less is more. Clutter is the enemy of success. We have printed millions and millions of political signs, and we can often tell which campaigns get it, and which ones do not. If you are running unopposed, and just want to put out 100 signs because it’s the thing to do, clutter it up. If you are in a tight race where every vote counts, the rule is simple: clean, pretty simple. Have one message, Your Name large, complimentary colors, effective, clean layout. Politicians violate the basic rules of visual branding at their own peril.