Fold Over Cardboard Signs

When every nickel counts, fold over cardboard political signs are a huge value.
You can save thousands of dollars on large orders over corrugated cardboard.

Fold over Cardboard Political signs are a great value for orders of 500 or more political signs. You can save hundreds of dollars by choosing cardboard. When you need large quantities of cheap campaign signs, nothing beats the price and quality of poly-coated cardboard signage.

One of the advantages of cardboard is the opaqueness, not allowing sunlight to pass through. In sunny areas and sunny days, you want your campaign signs to be easily read. With milk carton cardboard, your campaign message will be easily read.

Cardboard fold over campaign signs can be printed through the silk screen process, as well as digitally for a full color effect. If your campaign signs need photo’s and special effects, digitally printed cardboard fold over signs is the way to go. Some people prefer the silk screen method, for rich, glossy inks. We have 16 standard colors for quick turn around, and we can also PMS match for a small fee if your campaign requires specific colors.

Campaign Cardboard fold over signs are meant to be used with U shaped stakes. The advantage is that U channel are taller, 33” tall vs 30” for standard sized H-stakes. This will allow your signs to stand a bit taller than your opponents political signs do. There is some work to do, as your signs need to be stapled together. If you are tight on volunteers, Good Guys Signs can do this for a fee.