Full Color Campaign Graphics

Modern graphics are usually digitally based. Modern signage equipment allows for photorealistic effects, the ability to add dimension or heft, and shape cutting at reasonable prices. Anyone younger than 45 is used to seeing their graphics this way. It is possible to feel contemporary while keeping a traditional feel on general signage. Targeted event signage for younger audiences can be more bold.

Full color allows candidates to brand with their image, as well as make powerful emotional connections.

Full Color campaign yard signs are some of the most effective ways to make your message stand out from your opponent. In modern life, people are used to graphics with shadows, bevels, dimensional effects. When you want your political signs to pop, adding dimension, shadows, bevels and more, can make a huge difference in remembering your name.

The old saying is true: A picture is worth a thousand words. Our designers are experienced at layouts and effects to make your campaign signs really stand out. Want a picture of you in the community on your campaign signs? We can do that. A picture of you with the family, no problem. Add pets (everyone loves animals) to your election signs? We can do that. There is no limit to the look and feel our talented designs can make for you. Show that you are firmly in the 21st century with modern graphics. Giving little thought to your identity is a clue to voters.

Another reason to use the digital process, the colors available to you expand exponentially. Psychologically, when people see red, white, and blue dominated signs during election season, many are ignored, as there is a subconscious prompt that the person “knows” what the message is. Changing it up with greens, pinks, purples, golds, and combinations makes someone make a conscious decision to regard the sign, to look more closely, to ultimately remember your name. The goal is to win the election, and tastefully colorful is effective.

Running for school board? Print a delicious apple, and write your name across the front. Connecting the pleasantness of a ripe red apple with your name is a positive vote prompt, and everything positive that connects to your name in an election is leading the voter towards casting a ballot for you. A full color, real life American flag is a statement about what means the most to you as a candidate. A bad 2-dimensional flag is a statement of “me too”. Want to win a tight race? Stand out. Be different. Have a look and feel that is in tune with modern graphical treatments.

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