Bumper stickers are a must for any serious candidate. More people will proudly display your political bumper sticker if it’s easily removable.
Full Color, High Definition.
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Good Guys Signs is a one stop shop for your campaign signage needs. As a person running for office, you probably have quite a few things on your plate.  Why should you go to multiple places for your political printing needs.  We offer all the Campaign Essentials you would need to create a custom designed message tailored towards your campaign.  Created with high quality inks and materials, we offer Bumper Stickers, Magnets, Banners, Life Sized Cutouts, T-shirts, Yard Signs, and Buttons.  Mix and match items or let us help you create a fully-formed message using all our quality products.  From color matching to uniformity, we can make all your printing needs stay true to your campaign message.

Our Political bumper stickers are printed in bright, vibrant full color using your custom design or ours.  A very popular handout for supporters, you can be sure that your message will be spread every time someone drives their car. We use low tack vinyl, so they remove easily. More of your supporters will use our bumper stickers, knowing they will come off easily.

Shaped cut or Rectangle, our Political Magnets are a simple, yet effective way for your supporters to spread your message.  Larger magnets on your campaign cars can be placed and removed in a snap.  This makes it easy when the campaign message changes from one event to the next!  Non-permanent, but with high durability, smaller magnets can also be a unique handout for your supporters. 

From a backdrop to a focal point, Political Banners are the right way to effectively gain attention and keep it.  With bright colors and durable material, banners are a strong way to promote your campaign without spending a fortune.  Perfect as a fence covering or at a political rally or event, banners can be large and impactful for your campaign.  With the durable material, you can easily roll the banners up and take them to the next campaign stop.  No need to repurchase every time!  Show your supporters a strong and unified message at every stop on the campaign trail.

One of the most unique items we offer, Political Life Sized Cutouts are a fresh approach to campaigning.  An eye-catching product, your supporters will be amazed at the clarity and durability of the Life Sized Cutout.  For campaign rallies that need that unique touch, a Life Sized Cutout of a Candidate is a simple, eye-opening way to get people talking about your campaign.  Life Sized Cutouts also strike an impressive image during media coverage of your campaign.  An effective way to stand out from the pack!

One of our most popular items available, Political t-shirts are the one can't-miss items for your campaign.  Promote your message and create an uniformity within your campaign and supporters.  With high-quality inks and materials, you can be sure our T-shirts are meant to last.  With a variety of colors, styles, and materials, we can custom create a program that fits your supporters and your message.

In the competitive world of Political campaigning, it's important to have an edge. By creating a custom program with your message in mind, we can tailor a wide variety of products for your campaign.  From supporter handouts like bumper stickers and magnets, to promotional materials like Banners, T-shirts, and Buttons, we can craft something for you.  We even have unique promotions like Political Life-Sized Cutouts for your campaign rallies and media coverage.  Why go to many places for your printing needs when you can go to one place and get the best!

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