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Traditional 1 and 2 Color Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Affordable plastic that lasts the entire campaign period.


yard sign stakes

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Yard signs are still a powerful tool for keeping your campaign top of the mind locally. Known also as bandit signs, corrugated plastic is durable, affordable, and a great way to keep your name in front of voters. Silk screened campaign signs are still the main way to market to mobile voters, and make multiple impressions on one trip.

When you want your political signs to pop, when price and speed matter, Good Guys Signs is the trusted source to deliver. We can make your campaign sign in any size, with the most popular political size being 18” x 24”. We can silk screen print up to 4’ x 8’, so you let us know what you desire, we will make it happen.

Election signs can be made in nearly any color. We have 16 stock colors, and can custom PMS match colors for your election bandit signs if you desire. When color matters on your election signs, Good Guys Signs delivers. We have experienced ink mixers, and a local supplier to get us ink quickly for special PMS situations.

Design services are another feature of working with Good Guys Signs for your political election signs. We have talented designers ready to make your signage pop. Our campaign templates and elements page can get you started with some ideas to stand apart from the competition. Another good idea to design political signage is to go to google images, and save pictures that you like. You might not know the technical way to say what you like, but we can often interpret your tastes from images of other campaign signs you like. Many are the customer who have sent pictures in, and we have determined that the candidate likes bevels and inner shadows, for example. This makes the design process quicker, and takes some frustration out of the process of making political signage.

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